Tuesday 19 May 2015

Clean 9 detox Day 2

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Tuesday 24th March

Day 2

I felt so ready to get on those scales when I woke up. Daily habits aside, I   instinctively I felt down to touch my tummy which felt more hollow than the day before.  Good! This was working. 

Making a little video, I realised how much I was whispering! 

I bounced into university with a spring in my step! 

My lovely friend who I lunch with realised I wasn’t eating.  I hadn’t known she saw this! Until the late afternoon when my tummy rumbled so loudly during the chemistry class!
“You didn’t eat enough at lunch” She chuckled in her indian accent.  

She is also watching her diet.  The canteen has so much junk and rubbish in there which is such a shame.  Espeically seeing as it teaches medicine! Is it so hard to pop an omelette on the menu?  This isn’t somewhere we are choosing to go out and eat, this is our daily lives. So treats should be kept for the former idea! Anyhow, my friend finds these little pots of porridge taste and Oats sure do fill you up. Of course, this is something I can’’t eat due to my coeliac.  I wonder if differenct people from different parts of the world tolerate different things.  I know the middle eastern world has less crohns and colitis.  

Speaking of Crohns and Colitis, we have just signed up to get involved int he sponsored walk in London.  IT’s a charity thing we do each year and it’s just fantastic! Such a great sense of community.  Getting together with people with the same condition is super.  I’m double sure I wouldn’t be so well as I am today if it weren’t for that diet change.

So back to my lunch, it was cucumber and apple once again and I did enjoy it. I\’m determined to follow t his plan to the letter and not waiver. This way I can get a real feel of what it’s doing when people ask me. If someone comes to me (me: I can’t lose weight easily) saying they didn’t lose weight, I know that they have cheated/not followed the plan etc.

I felt a little sleepy ont he train on the way home and I think i dozed off for a couple of minutes.  I had walked hard today.  Chasing my fringe up the stairs to and from the underground station. This was my exercise.  Getting home seemed like it was going to be a haven.  Except I still had some work to do.

Eventually, at 9pm I stopped to take a breath. This was all too much today.  Feeling grumpy, I resented the fact that there was so much to do other than focus on my health and its needs.  I wanted to be consumed with the requests of my body. 

Missing a dose of the jelly, I took the final 2 shots of the day. To take 4 seemed daft really. I wasn’t hungry at all but really wanted a bath which i couldnt’ be bothered to take, then get to bed.  My little children were always lighting me up for the rest of the day! I love them!

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