Tuesday 26 May 2015

Clean 9 detox day 3

Wednesday 25th March

Day 3

Weight: 11.12 1/2




So excited! I had lost 3 lbs in 2 days………..perfectly what I was hoping for!

Perfect! I was so excited and happy!

Couldn’t wait to tell Lisa!  I was doing her hair this morning and rather than text her, i would wait to see her.  Dancing around the kitchen, I was getting everything ready for my day.  Getting it clear in my head what I should exactly   be consuming for the day ahead, I made my several bags ready for the day.  One rucksack for Uni.  One handbag for work, my work bags and my tool box for work.  Making a quick video as I shot out the door, I realised I had this really achey elbow!  

Dropping off the children at school (with a lack of a wave as it’s too embarrassing) I headed to Lisas house.  I was excited to see her! We would be chatting about all sorts of things health and weight loss. 

“I Lost 3 lbs!”
“That’s fantastic! Well done Lou!” 

She was thrilled for me.  Also, a little surprised at how “easy’ I was finding it.

Leaving there to get to london was tricky indeed! I had my lunchtime shake on the way as it was 11am and I decided it was easier to leave the cup in the car.  Racing to the station to not miss my train, I soon realised I  was stuck! No trains to London.  Someone was walking up the track! Nightmare.  I had an exam in 90 minutes! Thankfully, long story but I got a lift! Took the exam, made a bit of a silly mistake but then tried to get home.  Trains canceled.  I had to wait another 30 minutes.  I didn’t mind too much although Iit did mean my children had to walk home from school.  I saw lots of other passengers going off to get coffee.  I was tempted, I could smell coffee everywhere.  So I headed to Boots the chemist and looked for the food section.  Would they have any of my ‘free’ food.  I remembered Kiwi was allowed and there was some there chopped up.  Muching that. I loved it.

Tonight is dinner nght.

I cooked lamb leg,  with broccoli and spinach.

It was more than delicious. I shoudl have filmed me salivating over it.  It was just gorgeous!

An early night was needed as I felt a little tired.  Actually fell asleep in front of the TV.  One of my least favourite things. Ever.

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Sponsor my next blog here: http://www.louiseusher.co.uk/p/sponsor.html


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