Saturday 12 September 2015

Dr Wayne Dyer

For some reason, it's taking me so long to write this piece.

Fear of getting it wrong,  being respectful enough, saying the right thing...

Years of watching Wayne Dyer,  reading his books,  meditation to his "ahhh" sound meditation should have me knowing better.
There is no wrong or right.
There just is.
If something comes from a place of love... (my fingers were flying around the keyboard then but now have stopped...)
Never, do I ever struggle to write.  I know exactly why I struggle now.  This may get emotional for me as I let go right here with you now.

The place of love that Dr Dyer speaks of is so brimming over inside me.  I almost have an attachment to it.  To the point where I fail to understand anyone else who is not also trying to show love,  give love,  breed love,  be love.  Just being sweet and lovely to all who you meet.
The stars.

Every single living thing.  Every emotion.  Every feeling.  Every hunch.  Giving it all love has become my way of life.  To a detrimental point.

Believing that Wayne Dyer,  among many other teachers,  has got me figuring out my life purpose and also what I should be learning for myself in this human experience.  You see, I don't just believe we are having a human experience,  I feel I know it.  We are spirit in a human body.  Here to learn.  Here to teach.  Ready to improve onto the next life.  A beautiful spiritual soul I once knew explained to me that she felt we would keep coming back into different bodies and different lives time and again.  Once we had completed all our lessons,  our spirits would become guardians for those like you and I who are enjoying being humans.

While I don't know enough about the afterlife and the soul, I am learning.  What I do know is that I wished I had that magic wand that we all speak of.  Could I wave it,  I would have just loveliness in everyone.  Right now,  as we all mourn the sadness of living a world without being able to meet Wayne Dyer,  his work lives on.  His books,  his films,  they are all out there.  He left his teachings behind for us to work on.  I,  along with many others,  are tuning in more than ever to his teachings and figuring 'stuff' out.
It's quite a ride to figure out that humans are not perfect.  Not everyone will be sweet and lovely all the time.  There is evil and hate.  People who give that away so freely can be so hurtful for those like myself.   Personally, I would never give that off to others and it hurts so badly that so many other humans walk this earth with that as their entertainment.
I'm working on it,  Dr Dyer.  I hear you.  Yet it still hurts.  Perhaps when it hasn't, I may have learnt my lesson and can be walking beside the other amazing spirits such as Dr Dyer.  Until then,  this human/spirit is a definite work in progress.

Sadness overcame me at the news Wayne had passed almost two weeks ago now.  Yet he would be so happy that so many people are revisiting his work and re-learning and reminding themselves of all that he taught us.  His 'people' have made this more accessible than ever for the likes of you and I and if you have never tapped into Dr Dyers work I would urge you to take advantage of his books and films.

"Don't die with the music still in you." Was one of his famous quotes.
"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer speaks of the Law of Attraction.  Try it.  See.  It'll be so true you'll freak out.

Wayne Dyer touched my soul.  There were many many times I would watch his talks on my laptop and get an overwhelming sense of relief, happiness and joy after.  Thinking of him often now.  I wonder where he is, with his smile and the gentle 'knowingness' that surrounded him.

My deepest condolences to all who loved him.  Even if that's you and you aren't family.  Yet, weren't we so blessed to have known him.

The news report released by NBC is here.

Dr Dyer on Amazon

Until the end of September, if you visit This link you can watch "My greatest teacher" for Free.

I would love you to tap into his work and see just how magical it is.

Thank you,  Wayne Dyer for all the amazing work you have done and the lives you have touched.

Sending more love than ever to you all

Louise xoxo

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