Friday 11 September 2015

A new chapter begins - All registered at University

Are you off to University in the next couple of weeks?

How do you feel?

Are you a 1st year fresher?

Where are you off to?

Yesterday saw the beginning of a new chapter for me too.  I completed my registration to my new university.  In case you didn't see my story so far:
Last year I was in London for my first year at uni.  I loved this place.  Didn't mind the travel either.  Although it played it's part with taking a bit of my health.  Being a "Spoonie" with Crohns, I need to give that lots of respect.... So I have now transferred to a lovely university close to home!

Open day after open day, I have gone along to do my research.  Reaching a place where research was all done,  there was still something I was unsure about. Knowing I would be missing my friends from London,   the comfort of knowing where the rooms were,  how the hygiene worked in the super lab,  enjoying my time on the train... I needed to feel 100% about making the move.

Little by little,  the universe (not university, the universe) has showed me nuggets of painful twinges here and there and so many reasons to make the switch.  Plus,  at my new local uni they are so super friendly and sweet.  They have already told me they would like to get me onboard with mentoring and training the others which is what I adore doing.  Feeling 'looked after' there is just priceless.

So,  look out Science and biochemistry,  I'm coming for you.

Nutrition at its best,  I am excited to extend my knowledge through evidence based science and research and share with you my findings online here.  I have a dream to help as many people as possible to get well through changing diet and lifestyle.  This has been a huge learning curve for me as I have learned to live with my diagnosis. 

I would love you to head over to my nutrition blog and follow me there as I share this specific information.  You owe it to your body (ohh; cheesy!)
Plus I will be sharing more and more health and cooking stuff on my Youtube channel too! 

In the next couple of weeks I am considering sharing with you my vulnerable reasons for doing what I'm doing and my dreams for the future and where I would like to be.  What do you think?  Would you like to see this?  Are you still reading this far in - as I would love you to leave me a comment.  This blog gets hundreds of views per day (which is mind blowing) yet I often don't know what you are all thinking.  This is my invitation to you for you to let me know.  Get in touch,  leave a comment or tweet me.  I would love your support with my journey. 

A new chapter begins.

Much love

Louise xoxo

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