Monday 21 September 2015

New beginnings.

Anyone felt anxious?
New start; telling yourself you're fine?

Out of your comfort zone. You'll be fine. 

Then the heart beats. 

You remember. You're Human. No matter how much you try to embrace what the gurus tell you. 

I decided to wipe the slate clean today. 

I'll eat better. Drink less coffee and milk. 
Exercise more to sort out my dodgy back. 
Be less anxious. 
More confident. 
Worry less. 
All these things...

I can do it. You tell yourself. 

Then the heart beats just a little too hard. 

Nevertheless; determined to keep living life to its fullest, you push yourself. 

I hear you. I'm there too. 

Today's dawn was beautiful. 

Good morning brand new day. How are you?  Cos I'm brand new too. 
Brand new me. 

Embracing the law of attraction. 

Getting to grips with the science of human nutrition. My love. My passion. 

Beginning at a new university. 

Climbing these stairs to a wonderful new start. 
Deep breath. Can I do it?

I'm going to honour myself by trying. Just as hard as I can. 

Embracing the law of attraction. 

Are you with me?

We are human. Remind yourself!
Yet we can do this. 

Perhaps not the coffee part. 

Here's a new doorway to a new start!

Are you with me?

Deep breath. Much love

Louise xoxo

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