Monday 5 September 2016

Can't sleep; my writer head types on...

Oh how I wish I'd brought my laptop with me on this weekend break.

Swirling around my mind are more and more blog posts, stories, thoughts and I would love a keyboard to thrash it out on. 

Alas, the mobile phone app will do with one finger typing. 

Curtains ajar, window easing through cool September air, I see the daylight breaking creating silhouettes in the beautiful trees that surround our part time home. 

At my feet, Harley the shih tzu snores so loudly. 
In my stomach, my intestines whirr as my stomach feels acidic. 

While it's noisy, I don't feel great and I sit awake, I do have the precious time to think and type. 

Why don't we pull out all the stops to fulfill our dreams?

You see it's no secret on this blog that my online life of blogging and creating videos is something I adore. With ideas constantly overflowing, I would love the luxury of time to get all that out there. 
Realising now that I do have time while I'm here, I didn't bring the laptop!

In my defence, I thought there wouldn't be time here. It's family time. So important. Yet my lack of sleep gave me the quality silence I needed to write more. 

Meanwhile, I listen to the birds sing. 

Ready to search google for one of my law of attraction gurus to plant belief in my head for the next hour before my alarm goes off.

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