Monday 26 September 2016

First day back at university

As a second year human nutrition student I'm feeling excited.

Waking at 5am has become no stranger to me just lately.  You may have seen from my Youtube channel I am tweaking my health right now.  Since that, I can wake early and feel refreshed.  Although I still get tired later on, I decided to embrace the day and get up.  Letting you guys into the secret of how I am feeling!

Yes I am definitely excited to be getting back into the lecture theatre.
Today we study cardiology which will help me fantastically in keeping an eye on Scott as he continues to recover from Myocarditis.

Our lecturer is amazing.  She's beautiful to watch as she presents,  funny and engaging.  I adore lessons with her and others who are like her.  Doesn't a teacher make all the difference! Crazy eh.

Of course, I won't be forgetting you guys and this blog, quite the opposite in fact.  I aim to use the library as a hideaway where I can work until I'm done then I go home.  Only then! I always overfill my to do list but I want to achieve all the things I want to achieve.  Telling you guys my stories and sharing any knowledge I feel you might like to know!

Recently, I have published a new blog which is ideally for those wanting to find out about studying nutrition and dietetics yet this is a year behind.  For example, a year today will see a post about starting year 2 (which is actually today!).  If you are interested in learning the science of what I get up to, head over there by clicking here.
If it's nutrition you want to hear about rather than the science of what I'm learning then there is a better blog for you here.

On top of all that, you can sign up to get posts in your inbox on the right hand side of this page and I will be sending a monthly newsletter now which you can sign up to here for FREE :) Yay we all love free stuff.

I'd love to hear your comments.  What are you up to at this time of year?  Are you looking forward to Halloween?  Who dresses up?  What about the leaves changing colour this autumn?  Gorgeous!

Have an awesome day you awesome lot

Love always

Louise xoxo


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