Saturday 10 September 2016

Routine and direction - things are exciting and FRIGHTENING

You lovely readers!!!

You have put a great big BIG smile on my face! Seeing the stats as I logged in to write this post has given me even more positivity and confirmation than I already had.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank You

You're all so gorgeous.

As you have seen, yesterday my miracle twins started college.  Did you read about the anxiety I had with wondering if I would see them grow up?  It seemed so far away in the future yet now - Boom!

Well, they had a blast on their first day, making new friends,  bumping into old friends, becoming independent by finding locker keys (I warned Jasmine no photos of Troy Boulton inside!) and getting bus passes.

Then came the timetables and the inspiration for this post.

Timetables to rule the next few months by.  We are all going to be so busy.  My university timetable (our campuses are right next door to each other!) is packed and both the twins were aghast that they have days they are working 8.30 til 6.  Wow.  Now the thing is, I have a chance to get working during that time when they will be needing nothing from me except silence and a long distance love in my heart.  

Right as I realised things are going to get busy for us all, I realised I also had to organise home help, dog sitter and maybe a little more home help.  Along with easy cook dinners.  Oh yes.  It's going to be dinner, bath, EastEnders and bed I think!
However, bang on time (thank you universe) I met up with Stacey.  I love her.  She's my right hand girl, helper and PA.  

Ordering healthy dinners and pen poised we sat in our local restaurant after much hugging (it's been far too long since we saw each other).  We knew we needed to make this a productive meeting.  Of course there was some gossip (we are girls!) and lots of planning for the future.

This might not seem so much of a shock to you all but we have decided to focus on my nutrition business.  Haha.  Why do people roll their eyes?  I have worried about the politics of nutrition but I know what I know and I also am sure I can help people!

So what's the frightening bit?  The lack of down time.  The mess that my house is sure to become.  The constant tail chasing but I am confident it is all a great move in the right direction!

Routine must become my new best friend as I fill my diary with appointments and timetables.  

Are you feeling more of a sense of purpose and routine now the children have gone back to school?

With love, as always

Louise xoxo

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