Saturday 3 September 2016

Overwhelmed at Centre Parcs

As my shihtzu snores with gusto on the bed next to the man I love, I can't help this overwhelming feeling of what we are experiencing on our latest trip away. 

Centre Parcs in Woburn Forest was granted permission to become this amazing place just 5 years ago and now in all it's finest glory of nature, stands proud as our hosts.  My hopes and expectations were high for this mini break.  Yet I'm overwhelmed.  This amazing place sure has the Wow factor.

January was when we were booked to come here and enjoy a cold winter break.  You see we decided as a family to celebrate the twins 16th Birthday here.  Deciding against a party, I chose here for all of us as a family.  Specifically due to the idea that Mum and Dad could stay in the hotel to get a bit of quiet time away from Harley (the snoring shih tzu) and all of us really.  Booking a lodge for me, Scott and the twins was an easy decision.  

Living with the huge regret as I broke my Dads heart on his last conscious day of his life when I told him, "Dad, I don't think you are going to be well enough to come to Centre Parcs with us."  He cried uncontrollably and I so wish I could turn back the clock and not say that.  This was on the Wednesday before we were due to travel on the Friday.  Little did I know that Friday would be the day we were handed the devastating news that my lovely father wouldn't survive once his life support was switched off.  
As Dad took his last night of induced coma sleep, we tried to celebrate the twins birthday.  It was near on impossible.  Smiling was hard.  This was supposed to be for all of us.  Dad had been the most amazing Grandfather stepping into the absent fathers shoes for all things Dads should do.  

The day after the twins birthday was the day Scott and I sung Dad to sleep while I cradled his head.  He died peacefully and beautifully.  I know he would want us to smile and laugh and scream on the water slides.  So as I type my throat is raw with the Living I must do for Dad as we eat another piece of belated birthday cake.

Tranquillity comes as standard at this place and I honestly could not have imagined how amazing this wonderful woodland really is.

More posts will follow of what we have done and where we have been.  For now, something told my fingers to type out what my broken heart must have been thinking.  

Also, today is the day my Mum got to hold one of her beloved Barn Owls (a christmas gift Scott and I bought for her and Dad).

Jasmine with a BIG owl!


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