Monday 19 September 2016

Just one day out of life.

Madonna sang, "if we took a holiday, just one day out of life. It would be so nice."

Both Scott and I have been struggling with health and way too busy just lately. So we headed out for lunch on our one day holiday to spend some much needed down time together. 

While I'm still on my 8 week blood sugar diet, I made choices as wise as I could while still enjoying my meal. 

Drinking a litre of water must have helped with the meal. Surely. 

Two glasses of prosecco were brought to us (I gave mine to Scott who is starting the blood sugar diet on Monday) as we chose our meals. 

Starting with pulled pork, I passed my bread to Scotts plate. The accompanying salad was delicious. Apple and fennel. In the prettiest little mini saucepan. Copper cuteness indeed. I cannot describe the taste sensation my taste buds experienced with the pulled pork.  Amazing.

Scotts Dish...

My main course was a venison burger (I asked for this without the bun) topped with melted cheese and a tomato watercress salad which balanced out so many flavours.  Sweet potato fries were totally amazing in their own little bucket of loveliness.

Scott started a little joke with our wonderful host as she cleared empty plates.
"Was everything alright for you?" She asked warm heartedly.
"Terrible, it was terrible as you can see." Scott joked.  

I did partake in dessert which was delicious and rather sugar laden I feared but other than eating cheeseboard I could not avoid such naughtiness.  I figured if I were to eat nothing for the rest of the day and be 100% carb free the following day, I could pull back my ketosis for the blood sugar diet.  

Scott and I (and the family) have eaten here many times before.  I believe they are a michelin star restaurant and very much deserved.  From being just sweet and lovely to catering for me and my odd nutritional needs with the gluten free requests, I would urge you to get on over and make a reservation.  

Here are the details of one of my very favourite restaurants.

Tell them I sent you!

Meanwhile, the day was topped off with Scott and I enjoying a coffee with cream while enjoying each others company.  We seldom get to spend time like this.  When we do, it's super special.  We chatted our jaws off as I looked into the lovely face of the man I shall be marrying in 8 weeks time and spending the rest of my life with.

Where is your favourite restaurant?  Would I enjoy it there? I might have to pop over.

Much love

Louise xoxo

Ps why don't you pop a days holiday in your diary.  A whole day off to indulge yourself.  Do it.


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