Monday 5 December 2016

Motivational Monday. What's holding YOU back?

It's gone 11pm.

I tell myself bedtime is 10pm, with 11pm as the cut-off point.  Holding myself accountable to my health.  You see with Crohns disease comes a whole host of responsibilities. One being 'taking care of self'.

Yet, today, my motivation is through the roof.  Not motivation to do my looming homework, but motivation to edit my videos, to share my stories with you guys, to get you guys feeling fired up with belief that you too can have an amazing life!

Looking through drafts of blog posts half written, I wonder when I will be getting the time and opportunity to complete and upload those blogs.  I have like, 7 blogs and goodness knows how many ideas and unfinished blogs. I would and could happily sit and write all day long. I've more ideas and ways forward than I know what to do with.

So to answer my own question, TIME is holding me back. Time to write and share with all of you wonderful readers.  MY stats are going through the roof and I totally love connecting with all of you. Yet right now I do need to sleep.

I urge you to have a look at this motivational video and answer the questions to yourself.

Ask yourself today if you might be able to perhaps take a tiny step towards bringing your dream into reality.  Even if it is a simple thought process.

Good night you amazing folks xxxoxxx


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