Thursday 29 December 2016

So the time has come to go public...

The time has come to go public...

After asking the question on my Facebook group A Lusher Life, I have listened to the responses with anxious happiness and decided that I need to stand proud of the fact that I am in fact a BLOGGER!
As well as all this, I am forever creating movies to share with the world on my Youtube Channels, both personal VLOGGING and my nutrition channel.


And why didn't I share this sooner?

Let's answer the last question first. I didn't share it for fear of unfriendly judgement. Yet I should know better at my age, with my life experience, as friends tell me to ignore those.
"You'll never please all of the people all of the time."
True.  If those people all knew my reason why, surely they would be kinder.  I'll tell you my Why in a sec.

Why have I chosen to share so much so publicly?  Great question.  It began back in 2009 with me hearing about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, Abraham Hicks and postivity.  To me, this was all new news. 
"Why doesn't everyone know life is meant to be amazing?" I asked myself.  
Turns out, lots of people Do know this stuff.  Yet, I still continue to remind others as I continue my learning around the subject too.

Bring this all forward to the here and now, today.

You may know, you may not, there is a list of health issues I often find a struggle.  Thinking about listing these as bullet points here may induce disbelief and possibly an air of sympathy which is definitely not what this post is about.  This post is about having these 'issues' and carrying on regardless.  So for me, a regular job is difficult, near on impossible.  Asking too much these days for employers to be sympathetic and patient when results are achieved or not.  
So in a passionate mindset of positivity, I am determined to honour the work ethic I have been raised to carry.  Despite illness, disease and hearing impairment (let's not go too far down the route of what's wrong although it's the biggest WHY) I want to continue to work. Should the health stuff become an issue and I can't hear anymore, leave the house or simply need to take to my bed randomly, I have this dream and notion that I can do all this from home.
Possible right? Many folks are doing this! Why not me?

Spending the past 7 years researching, learning and finding a craft which I love and adore, I am now ready.  Judgements be gone.  I'm ready to embrace life and work in the field I love (helping others) from home using both blogs like this and my love for creating films to add to Youtube.  My aim and my dream is to share my knowledge and a bit about life too as I pop health tips and even some meditation links as I find them.

Unsure if this makes any sense,  I ask you to support me.

My aim is to share these writings and videos as far and wide as I can.  In the hope they will help others as well as the hope that the tiny affiliate links I share help create an income from the blogs.  Should you find you wish to subscribe for more or share my links, please do. I would be eternally grateful.

Below, is a chance to leave comments.  Let me know what you would like to see here.  We can do some regular Q and A sessions too.  Ask away.  My door is open.

Much love, as always, 

Louise xoxo
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