Wednesday 14 December 2016

Are you too busy to stop?


Me, this lunchtime.

Crazy busy writing and more writing.  Not even the stuff I love.  No pretty pictures, very few paragraphs.  Yet write I must.  Two lab reports to submit; soon.

So, I worked until my stomach roared.  Fear of losing my momentum saw me carry on regardless.
Until I could wait no longer. I headed to Nandos.  My saviour.  Heading for the menu with a healthy head on, I grabbed chicken, sweet potato and avocado.  Delicious.  Then hurriedly I left onto the next crazy minded 'thing' that needed doing!

Ah it must only be the week before Christmas.  Stress and busy times.

My saviour?  Abraham Hicks and the guided meditations I have been listening to.  
Finding out this week that I am now able to add videos to a playlist on my youtube channel.  This is so exciting. As I find such videos I will be sharing them for you to enjoy.

Let's do this amazing life thing.  Can we?

Much love

Louise xoxo


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