Tuesday 20 December 2016

London Concert at Christmas

Mentally writing blogs in my head is a luxury these days.

I missed you guys! How are you?  How are your Christmas plans?  There have been so many revelations in my life recently and it's all around this blog, this place I love.  Yes, I want to do more.
Since the template (face of the blog) has changed I love the new look.  I'm not sure all the features like your RSS feeds are working so well but I digress...

This has been a challenging few weeks at University with lots of work on.  You know, it's never quite so bad as you think it will be once you get going on these jobs you put off is it. Although it's not that I put things off, I just love working to the deadline.  Gives me a bit of a rush!  Last night I completed the last big one for this year.  Excited.

As you now, I lost Dad earlier this year and I have found it created a myriad of feelings that is so hard to put into words.

The list goes on.  Comforting because I have a strong sense of his peace.  Who wouldn't wish that for their loved ones?  Yet I know Christmas is going to be a challenge.  And I'm head of the house these days regarding my family.  I need to honour Dads memory,  remember him, still sing the silly songs we sang all while keeping the tears in check so Mum laughs with fondness and not a broken heart.  It's my job now to take care of her.  Of course, I love that.

Anyhow, we had a few tears, much laughter and a wonderful, amazing concert to get us in the Christmas mood.  The Royal Albert Hall was the host and the London Concert Orchestra were in residence accompanied by the AMAZING London Concert Choir.  I loved it.  So did Mum.

For the first time in I don't know how long, I felt like Christmas was going to be an exciting time! Mum enjoyed it too.

Prior to arriving at the concert, we spent time having a wonderful lunch, browsing Fortnum and Mason and watching the skaters in Somerset House. All so festive and beautiful.
The video of the day is below and I will forever watch this with a smile.  Love it.

I promise we will speak again before the big day on the 25th but meanwhile, much love

Louise xoxo


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