Monday 26 December 2016

Christmas is different now.


Not what it used to be as a child. Crickey, Christmas even used to have its very own smell. Let alone a feeling to surround its aura. 

Who would get the biggest gift?
What would be on TV?
Would we be allowed to sit in the living room with the warm coal fire? Would we be sent to the cold hallway for bad behaviour?

Different. Not worse. 

This year, I've a job to do. Looking after mum. Keeping her tears few as she spends this Christmas without dad. First time in 50something years. 
First time I spend it with my loved one. Thankful of him surviving myocarditis. 

My babies are growing up. I sense the ease and quiet with which Christmas may be in future years as they spend times with their partners. Ease and quiet making this sound amazing. Yet who doesn't love chaos at Christmas?
There is certainly a new feeling this year without dad. I feel Christmas will never be the same again. 

Professor Brian Cox presents a show on TV which caught my eye. Speaking of the science of the universe. 

I remember. 

I'm a tiny dot in the universe. I can also be, do or have whatever I want. 
2017, hurry along now. I'm waiting.

Happy Boxing Day everyone

Much love

Louise xoxo

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