Friday 13 January 2017

One poorly shihtzu

Harley is feeling sorry for himself.  

Last night he was in a lot of pain with a closed eye. I'm guessing something like conjuctivitis bless him.

Already, I was watching the weather last night and hoping for a snow day today. I just fancied some time at my desk, writing and catching up with housework stuff.  My bedroom was stuffed full of Christmas things that remained without a place in my home - driving me crazy.  Like a trojan horse I began working hard this morning when the roads were way too icy for me to attempt to go out and the other reason for wanting to stay home was to take care of my poorly dog.

Tonight, Harley seems very relaxed and I hope his eye is better.  I have no idea how to treat a dog with an eye issue but I bathed with cotton wool in cooled, boiled water then gently smeared some coconut oil over too.  Which of course has antibacterial properties.

My gorgeous Shihtzu is fast asleep now and I hope he feels a little better, at least a lot of love.  Hoping so as Scott has a rare day off tomorrow (which the announcement of made me cry!) and it would be so lovely to see the roads clear and to go out with Scott and Harley.

Meanwhile my bed calls me for a great nights sleep.

Much love

Louise xoxo


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