Sunday 8 January 2017

The day we raised the roof

Crazy times here in my house.  We took the roof off my house.

Why?  Great question - I asked myself this too haha!  We removed the chimney which has seen better days anyway.  It was also in the middle of the loft (attic) space.  We are going to board out this space to create more room in the house. Which will be rather amazing!

The problem with children is they get older and bigger.  This means they take up more room!

Me in the loft!

Tricky times lie ahead for the youngsters these days.  Trying to buy houses in the UK is not far from impossible. Giving them a helping hand by making the house as spacious as possible is surely going to help matters.  Lets hope anyhow!

Wish us luck as this work in progress gets further underway.

Have you ever done such things?

Much love

Louise xoxo

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