Friday 6 January 2017

Do you love Bath Bombs from LUSH?

You may have heard by now, I had a birthday recently!

A simple girl,  I asked simply for bath bombs.  I hoped to indulge in a bubble bath for the evening, pop on my PJ's and watch the New Years Eve celebrations on TV in front of a roaring fire.  The only little detail missing was the bath...we had only a shower in our amazing accommodation!

More about the trip in the next few blogs.

So, back to those bath bombs.  Wow, I asked for one and I have ended up with a wonderful selection! They currently reside on my window sill next to my bed and my nose awakens with joy each morning as I smell the amazing fresh scents.  Love it!

Kind of hoping to find a cute little box or holder to keep them in.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Last night I had a wonderful indulging bath with the first bath bomb of the selection.  See the explosion of colour and imagine the smells in this little video!


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