Sunday 15 January 2017

Shopping for a Huf House (Dream home!)

A rare day off for my other half saw us head off for coffee and cake.  Delicious indeed.  My favourite place to head for coffee and cake - despite the ice and snow still laying hard on the ground.  
Scott took his Landrover for safe keeping and I headed through the farm shop and into the gorgeous barn, hoping my favourite cake was on offer.

To my delight, the lemon pistachio gluten free cake was on the menu.  Delightful indeed.

Following this fantastic start to the day, I suggested we go look at the 'local' (one hour drive away) Huf House show home.  This story goes like this:

Many reasons have brought me to a place over the years of hoping/wishing/dreaming/needing to spend time in the countryside and write.  You know about me and my writing now.  Right?  Well, back in 2009 I spent the first time ever of my life in the most amazing house in the highlands of Scotland in Aviemore.  There was an air of a new feeling.  Peace.  Tranquillity.  

The only way I can explain it is I felt like I remembered I was a human again.

Scotland 2009

* Time to cook
* eat healthily
* breathe amazing air
* look at nature.  

The trees,  those badgers who frequented our garden every evening for a treat of peanut butter.  Bird tables a-plenty with an abundance of nuts and seeds for our feathered friends to enjoy.  I loved it.  
Inside my body, something new happened.  Something which made me realise I would be more healthy and able to deal with my crohns issues in the countryside.

Right before having the twins, I lived in the countryside.  Having to leave broke my heart.  Loving it there, I definitely left a part of my heart there.  Yet there was no chance to stay as I knew no-one there and having twins created an insistence that I come back to family and civilisation.  There's a whole story coming up about that. 

Since Wales, in the new year, Scott and I decided that we definitely need a bolt hole.  Somewhere to go to escape.  My writing heaven. Amongst trees,  with birdsong around, ideally some water nearby...

Massive fans of watching Grand Designs,  we went to look at the possibility of building an amazing home somewhere we chose.  We love the idea of the scandanavian homes which come in kit form.  Super indeed.

Lord and Master

Off we headed to fall in love with the 'too big for us' Huf House.  Priced at way over our budget, we have now decided to do some more research into Scandia-Hus who seem more realistically priced (and we love them anyway).  Off to the Build it show in a couple of weeks and I promise to keep you posted on this.

Scott has given himself 3 years of research so nothing will  happen imminently but we hope to create a place of beauty to spend time in later in life. Somewhere which will assist with its natural tendencies with healing my health.  

A place filled with love. 

Louise xoxo


  1. Sounds like a fantastic plan x

    1. Exciting times Barbara! Thank you for the comment! x

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