Wednesday 17 May 2017


"I can't be depressed." They say. 
"I've so much to be thankful for. So much to live for. So much to look forward to." 

 Despite this, there is a feeling of flatness. Emptiness.  Strangeness. 
Wandering in a dream like state thinking how 'odd' I feel.  Where did this come from?  I was ok yesterday.

This is exactly what I would describe as my blue days. Those days when despite counting my blessings, I'm still under a cloud.  Never mind looking back over achievements,  the cloud still tells me life is empty.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better again.  Maybe I won't. 

A few constants remain.  My love for writing, even though there are days I can't get to the keyboard.  The love is still there.  Getting it 'out and onto'  - you heard that before I know.

The other constant.  Harley.  He fills me up with joy and love.  He needs a bath right now, my nose bathes in his lovely dogggy Harley scent.  Being out with him is my love.  Being huddled under a duvet with him is my medicine.  That and tablets.

Just as I thought I'd cracked it...for no it is once again.

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