Monday 29 May 2017

Do what fills you up - Motivational Monday

Like me, you probably spend oodles of time learning stuff to get you to 'the thing'.

Where do you draw the line and think "I'll just get on and do it."?

Now! That's where.  Draw the line NOW and start doing the thing.  You might be amazed.

Recently, I have loved the time I spent in my online 'business' (feels strange calling it work when it's my passion) and have been  more than blown away with the amazing comments.  Someone I hadn't known before messaged me saying they were looking forward to my new holiday or travel VLOG.  Incredible.  I wasn't sure people were out there waiting.    Filled my soul.

As the work has continued tentatively for many years while I still invest in courses for my own knowledge and development, I have decided this is the time to really go for it.  Imperfectly perfect.

Who's with me?

Much love

Louise xoxo


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