Monday 29 May 2017

How I feel when I write...and how you should feel when you do 'your thing'

Yesterday was tough.

Everyone in my company was amazing. The money was good.  Why am I complaining?

Listening within, which it seems I have forgotten to do in more recent times, I realised the way I felt after the day ended was just not right.  Screaming at me to stop.  On my feet all day they began to bleed. My bad back causing me huge issues as it was all I could do to get out of the car.

Waking early as usual, I felt excited to be going on holiday tomorrow.  Man do I need a rest!

As I lay in bed thinking over the day ahead, as you do, I decided to get up and make a lovely frothy coffee (soya milk these days isn't agreeing with me) and get to the keyboard, perhaps the pen.  Now, as soon as I did this I could feel words flowing with ease and excitement. Wanting to write about everything in sight and everything in my mind or even things not yet in my mind.  Crazy, 100 mile and hour brain driving in overdrive.
I feel filled up. 

Full up

My spirit is fuelled and filled.

This feels right.  From the ends of my sore toes to the middle of my soul.  This is where I need to be and what I need to be doing.  For sure.  Without doubt, why do we deviate from these things?

Old beliefs and programming stop us from being who we should be or who we 'feel' we are.  Get over these things.  Get down to doing it. Do whatever it takes.

Get up early.
Stay up late.
Which is better for you?
Ask for help.
Leave the washing up
Watch educational or inspiring videos while you cook.
Keep the faith
Remember you can so do this.

Ask around too, you will be shocked at how many people encourage you.
You will also be shocked how many people don't understand. Or want to. Or frown.
Or undermine you.
But know how you feel when you sit with that dream for a while.

For many years people saw me as this award winning hairstylist.  A great career with so much to be thankful for.  
Yet writing has been the childhood dream and still's now an online business that I love. It earns me a modest income and will continue to grow the more I give attention to this passion of mine. 
So as university finished for the year, I was asked, "So what are you going to do with all this time now?"
All this time? Don't they understand I'm still working, still building an empire, taking care of my family and trying to keep a reasonable house which looks unlikely to EVER happen HA HA (not funny!)

People might not understand! Remember this.
Who does?  Your soul does. It feels it.  And I do.  I understand.  You just 'know' sometimes if something is right or wrong. 

Do the thing.  Do it.

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