Tuesday 23 May 2017

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Pulling into the car park for a cheeky quiet coffee, laptop firmly in bag, thinking through the first few lines of todays blog post.

Realising that listening to "The 4 hour work week" on Audible is wonderful and inspiring.  Yet I need action too.

Listening to those words of the narrator, I realise that there are ways to be successful without actually seeming happy. Or knowing that your soul isn't filled up.  That you aren't following your hearts desire.

While I agree with the wonderful Dr Wayne Dyer with all my heart, I also realise that there are times when you need to make changes in your life to make life work for you.

Just recently, we had a bit more tragic news in our family.  Mum has been diagnosed with dementia.  As well as heart disease and lots of tremors (not sure what that bit is yet) we realised this could all be such an awful experience.  Or we could embrace it which has actually been simple to do.  Far more simple than you would think.

People give us sympathy yet I feel life is wonderful right now.  As a family we are super close.  Mum has moved in with me and I intend for us to enjoy as much as we can, while we can. We are having lots of laughs.
As mum lived in the same street for 50 years this October, I felt it was only right that she has a leaving party.   Inviting her neighbours, mum began a little speech.

"I'm selling this and we are moving to Wales." She blurted not quite accurately.  We plan to have a second home in Wales. Her friends gasped and were not happy.
"It's early days Margaret, you might feel better later."
"This house means nothing to me anymore."
"It's early days, you might feel differently later on."
I chimed in, "Mum what about your health?"
"Oh yeah," She began, "I'm not going to get any better."

More gasps.
"So I need looking after."
I piped up again quietly. "The dementia mum." As I felt her friends were currently 'not getting it' which is 100% understandable.
"Oh yeah. I've got dementia and alzheimer's."  Again, a bit sudden mum, bless her, this followed telling her friends once again that she is moving to Wales and I think the penny dropped.
I heard a shaky voice, "Oh no, that's so sad." From a lady I have known since I was born.  Another voice said, "Oh now I see why."

While they then understood, they were still upset she was going to a point of 'can't something be worked out' but no, Mum wants her house gone.  She wants a fresh start.  She wants to get a little adventure and excitement in her life in her last little while walking the earth as a human.
There is almost always a twist of positive in something negative.

So thank you Wayne Dyer.  Thank you for your wisdom.  And thank you to all of you reading this.  Amazing.  You are the people who let me know that I can do both. I can work with my passion in mind while still looking after Mum.  All the while able to take her away to the countryside retreats we love so much. To keep her stimulated and aware of as much as possible while we can.

As always, much love

Louise xoxo

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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." 


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