Monday 8 May 2017

A tricky day in my caring role.

Watching Miss Congeniality in all its colourful splendour as Liza Minnelli belts out "life is a cabaret" reminds me of taking a moment out of life to sit down and think of different things. 
"Proud Mary" is the next icon to grace my troubled ear drums. Taking me back to a time when I would wake each day with gusto working on the holiday parks. Entertainment all around, when curtain was down different stories abound. 

Just like life right now. Trying to juggle balls, aiming to pass this years university exams while eating healthy, home cooked meals and keeping a reasonable house. Let's not even discuss the painted smiles.  The said house seems not to meet the expectation of my slightly-more-demanding mother today. The very first time I feel it. The thing "they" warned me about. Mrs Sharp Tongue. 
Mum had been delightful of late. Making me more than happy to care for her. 
At last she seemed to like her daughter. 


All I had ever wanted during my childhood tears of hair pulling, viciously being told, "I'm gonna shave the bloody lot off."

Seems that short lived time may be coming to an end. 

Maybe we will do a circular turn and gain back loveliness. 

How could I have predicted Mum needing me to care for her full time while my own career was in full swing?  How was we to know Dad wouldn't be here to see me finish my course?  Life is so sweet, short and precious.

These are the days when I wonder about my career and university. 
Without looming exam deadlines (I need not to revise but to learn in the first place) I definitely feel the pressure. Surely after this is done with I can spend the time I need on housey stuff and perhaps spend the evening times writing and editing videos. 

I want it all. We all do don't we. 
Don't we?

Affirmation: Just for today I will write my feelings on this blog post.  To inspire others as well as to share my experiences.


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