Friday, 9 September 2016

My twins are off to college!

Yes that's right, it's super hard to believe but my lovely children are off to college.

It seems just yesterday I was crying over another negative pregnancy test (yet also seems a lifetime ago so how does that work?!) and now here I am proudly waving them off to college.

I'm super excited for them, truth be told.

As a single mum of two little babies I did spend a lot of time in a panic.  What if something happened to me?  What if they had no one to take care of them?  Not only did I want to be there every step of the way but they needed a parent to bring them up too!  Honestly, there is this long story where I used to sit in bed at night trying to take my pulse as I could feel my heart racing.

Three times I ended up in the A and E being tested for heart issues.  I now know this was purely anxiety.  I refuse to say 'only' as anxiety and 'only' do not belong in the same sentence.  If you are a sufferer you will know that!  Anyhow, it wasn't without leaving scars on my health but I'm generally ok.  Enough to be a reasonably good mum (I hope the twins would agree).

My time at college (I had 7 years of it during my lifetime) was so much more amazing than school.  I hated school.  Bullies and silly people made life miserable.  So I was pleased to get my teeth stuck into college.

My two have loved school but are super excited for college.

I'm excited for them too!

Much love

Louise xoxo

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