Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Do you have success on twitter?

Lost it on Twitter?

Twitter is a place where you can connect with the thousands. I love it for that.  A simple hashtag and we are all connected.  Brilliant.

In the mornings, a simple #amwriting brings us author types to a place of knowing where we are are at and who we are. Defining ourselves.   So, my twitter should ideally be a place of the thousands of interactions.  Alas, this is one of the platforms that doesn't work for me.  I adore instagram.  Love it. Love looking at peoples stories and photos.  Facebook is only not my favourite place as it has many personal connections over there. As I share my innermost thoughts through my writings, there are times I don't really want all of those connections knowing everything from deep inside my heart.  Those who won't mind me telling them know who they are.  Simply, I could remove those people of course. I should really be stepping out of the shadows and simply standing up and shouting from the rooftops. So this leaves us Twitter.  My biggest following and my least reactive audience.  Why?  I think I know why.

For some time I have changed my bio over and over. I have been the nutritionist, the law of attraction expert and now kinda telling the world over there I'm an author.  Although still writing on there that I do travel reviews, which I do, through my blogs and other websites such as trip advisor.  Does all of this confuse the audience?  Likely yes.

While all of these things come under the umbrella of 'A Lusher Life' one can't help but wonder if there should be much more clarity.  And of course my wishes need to creep in there, as do yours.  As in, what you want from me and also as well as what you want from your following online.

Many people have asked me (in fact it's my biggest question) how to make money online.   I considered writing a course about this as it's really something that is in demand.  Although there is not an easy answer.  My youtube channel regularly brings me an income now which is amazing but that said, it has taken quite a few years and quite a lot of learning.  I'm there now and it's just about growth from here on in.  I love youtube.  Adore it.  I also love how we have 'stories' on Facebook and Instagram too.  We are nosey I guess haha. :)

Do you find success in Twitter?  Is this something you would like to grow? An online business and knowing how to make money from your laptop?  I'm at the survey stage where I'm interested in knowing how many people would be interested in hearing more and hearing success stories from others in the field. Before I go ahead and create an online course detailing such things.  Let me know your thoughts; as always you are welcome to email me by clicking here. 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Should you invest in a coach who cares? YES!!!

Sometimes, I get overly passionate and it can spill over into angry.

These 'coaches' who are worth thousands.  Yes there are those who really are worth investing in and no-one is a bigger fan of those coaches than me.  They need to charge high prices and that is what they are worth.  Yet those are the types who will deliver amazing value.  They will check in on you, really care about your results and they will have you chomping at the bit to improve your life and business.

Recently, a good friend of mine invested a lot of money though an obviously impressive sales funnel.  The pitch was good. It would have to have been as to part with the kind of money my friend did was HUGE. She even told the creator of this coaching course the money spent should really go towards clearing debt but she believed in investing in herself.  Personally, with this request, I would have nurtured that potential client. I would have sent links to plenty of free stuff which every coach should be putting out there, and I would encourage paying the bills instead and working on the free content enough to then earn a little more in order to sign up to a course.  Upon signing up, (consider this is thousands of pounds) I would then go ahead and check on my students.  To charge this kind of money, send a once a week PDF teaching nothing new and not even check in on them is lazy, unspiritual and this coaching business can only have one outcome in my book.

More and more we are hearing pitches from coaches and we are knowing it is a great way to help us get ahead in our business.  Yes.  I agree.  But greed on the coaches part should not be what this industry is about.

Previously I have mentioned Brendon Burchard.  He is a total master at coaching. He also has great morals and is a huge success.  Now, admittedly I have bought a couple of his books and signed up to a very long and content packed audible book.  Yet these were minimal costs. If he were to come to the UK and do a coaching course, I would be tempted.  Yet the cost might not be within reach for many. What makes him a success is you can be coached BY Brendon no matter what your status. He is open for all.  I love this.

Over on my Youtube channel, each Monday I post a video called Motivational Monday. Loads of people use Motivational Monday now.  It's a great thing! Obviously my videos are free and often just me rambling on in the car while driving to somewhere important. Yet a handful of people find these of value.  Go and see the comments, you will see. 

If you are tempted into these coaching programmes that are teaching you to be a coach, please do not get the dollar signs in your eyes. It's not about that. It's about you wanting a 'job' where you can give value to others who need different beliefs and can do a different job and create a lifestyle they love.  Do not omit the part which says you give value.  Your business is only going to be known for this.  Start with love and the rest follows.  If you truly want to help those who can't afford your courses, give the free content which will help them and watch them come back and be in a position to pay next time.


Thursday, 14 June 2018

My writer dream is coming true

Still I write from my bed.  Feeling sore.  More than sore, the pain is intense at times.

Juggling taking care of mother is unpleasant. Those feelings of guilt.  As I wince at the pain one more time, I hear Harley snore at my feet.  He hasn't left my side.  
Crohns is unpleasant and deserves a  lot of respect. I know this.  Nothing new here to see.  Yet this time feels different, rather like how i felt when i was first diagnosed.  Stunned and vulnerable.  

Knowing that feeling of being reminded so very strongly that I must listen.  I must.  

Before today, I was feeling I was being pulled in a direction where there was no choice but to listen to the powers that be.  i was being taken to the place of dreams, yet fighting and screaming at every corner as this simply wasn't what I was raised to believe.  Dreams don't come true.  Not for the likes of me.  You can't possibly live your passions and that be enough. No way. It was all about misery and sweat and toil.  This is precisely what I was taught.  Could I seriously think for a minute that I might be able to do exactly what I'm doing now for my job?  I'm sitting here, totally concentrating on my words which I might add are flowing beautifully as i write my next piece in the novel I have neglected for at least two years - respecting my chronic illness while still being an achiever.

Always i have wanted to write.  Always I have written. Either letters to the grandparents, love letters to less deserving other half or simply in the journal. Of course now we have this digital world and what was once a skill of typing is now a necessity we all must learn for this online society we now enjoy.  Could my writing be improved upon? Probably.  Yet I have stories which simply must be told.  Living with zero regret is an aim in my life.  An aim I currently have achieved.  Yet if I were to pass into the next life with these books still inside me, there is the regret.  As Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with the music still in you."

For once, the strongest feeling is within me. A feeling that I am going to write and write some more. Allowing myself the indulgence of putting fingers to keys in bed, in the coffee shop, at my desk. All while taking care of mum and the twins, walking Harley when the mood takes me and being able to spend a day nursing my poorly gut.  I could do this. It's the thing.

Tomorrow I see myself getting up and out early. Taking a drive somewhere like the sea front and setting up the tripod.  Filming my story of this transition into a writer.  The story of how miserable I have been while trying to fit in with the world which I find way too hard to deal with.  The people who are so nasty and negative, the clothes you have to wear to look corporate, the schedules of commuting which costs a pretty penny to watch others looking miserably into their coffee cups while rocking their head against the beat of the music within their headphones yet in synch with the rocking of the train. 

It's not me.  

Me is the girl with curly hair.  T shirt and shorts.  Maybe a fleece or hoodie. The girl who wants a tan and make up but when she wants it.  Being a little bit of a hippy.  Living within the trees or taking time out to put my feet in the sand while letting the energy of grounding in nature help me with the flow.  Could this happy life be possible?  The life that sees me able to love my day writing, wherever and whatever.  Enough that people sense the passion and want to know more, buying into my stories, my books, my online videos telling the life story of what is going on.  Could this be that i might possibly earn a little money to pay the bills?

For the first time ever I sense a shift. It's different to before when I wanted to believe it.  This is almost like there is simply no choice but to make things work.  Without giving everything I've got to my writing I will have failed at my own life, my own path, my own blessings and talents.

It's time to step into my truth and my hearts desire and see what happens. Are you with me?

Monday, 11 June 2018

Give up the negative story and step into your new life.

Brendon Burchard.  A genius in my eyes.  He has 'a way' about him which is quite incredible.  Explaining how we can create a better life for ourselves in one way or another. Carving something good out of the inevitable bad which happens to us along the way.  Something I strive to do each day and yet something about his words seem to have helped make some sense of what I might need to do to enable this to happen. 

Listening to Audible, the High Performance Habits audio book by Brendon was quite life altering.  After many hours of having him as my companion while I drive around, being busy about my day, things began to come very clear indeed.  No less the fact that I have been telling myself (not so much other people but definitely myself) my negative story.  This needs to be let go. Always, there are others who can top my story. Always, there will be reasons in which I can use this as a block to stop me from living the fulfilling life I wish to live.  
You see there is so much I write on my list of 'to do's' and not enough of the actual doing in order to get this all done.  This is a flaw of mine.  I know exactly what's stopping me too.  I'm worried.  Of not earning the money.  Of not being a success while I actually get there.  Yet all the while, the worry is only disabling me from that actual doing-ness of getting things done in order to succeed and know the worry was for nothing.

More than this, I worry that I will never fulfil my dreams, my purpose.  

Trying to explain this in a Motivational Monday video today was a bit gobbledegook.
Why don't those words flow as I want them to when I know exactly through my own errors in ways how I want to help others to stop making the same mistake.

In a nutshell, we all have negative stories and things that make us feel really sad or blue or use as a reason not to do 'the thing' that we really want to be doing.  Reaching out to others in this situation is frequently an absolute necessity. Preventing depression and mental health issues must be a total priority. Yes, of course.  Yet to tell the same story over and over won't change it's history but you could try and decided to at least TRY and park it somewhere while you get on with the thing you really want to be doing and finally decide it's not going to be your demon any longer, ruling you against your dreams. 

You got this!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

I'm a qualified Scientist - but what's next might shock you!

Can you believe it? I’m a scientist with a degree! YES, Finally.

The journey hasn't been as pleasant as I had liked and I have documented the entire 3 years over on this blog and this youtube channel.  Go sub to them both as you can see my findings soon over there! Yes it's a raw and emotional diary.  I have loved keeping it! 

Finally finished my degree and onwards to better things. While the nutrition degree is so interesting and important - and I love helping my clients - I simply can’t help but continue to love my nutrition writing which brings me to a very exciting piece of news.

September I am proud to say I am going to start an MA which is a Masters degree in Creative Non Fiction Writing. Of course I will also be telling stories which is an absolute passion of mine! The tough time I have had at university has shown me exactly what I do want to be doing with my life. Making it happen is possible but I was never raised to believe in the dream coming true so I feel I’ve a little bit of a block there which I need to overcome. I will, I know. And you guys will help me too this I know. Sharing these posts is great. Thank you for every time you do that.

My current books can be found on this amazon page and of course there are lots more to come - watch this space.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Being comfortable in your own skin

Sitting in Starbucks, drinking my almond latte with a dash of vanilla, dog at my feet.  I love that about Starbucks.  Harley gets his mini dish of water (I bring the dish, they supply the water) and I write.

Knowing writing is my absolute passion, I feel comfortable with myself now. A knowing is a powerful thing. Yet how can this journey have taken so long to get here?

Sitting close by me are some wonderfully turned-out beautiful women.  
Older than me.  
Looking good though.  
One of them, I totally know, is  a complete bitch. Never will I forget the time I had parked outside the school with my twins in the back in their new school uniforms.  It was literally breaking my heart to take them to school every day. Not only had I had a terrible time at school and hated it but now I simply didn't like the pressure they gave to these tiny human beings.  
They were so small and lovely.  
4 years old.  
So, back to the day. We had been rushing, I had ensured a healthy breakfast, packed lunches at the ready, 'ponytail plaits' for Jasmine as she called them and making sure Nathan had a coat with a hood on it as all the other children had a coat with a hood and he was upset that he didn't. So you imagine the scene.  And yes, I'm a single mother with a very large and hairy German Shepherd dog and need to hoover constantly - (those small details). We arrived and YES! there was a parking space.  Yet one of these women who now sit across Starbucks from me gave me the most dirty look, shook her head as if to say no and tutted in a 'tut tut tut tut tut tut tut' fashion.  
Much yelling followed telling me I can't park here and knowing I had to move the car also meant my twins might be late for school which they never were. Now I overhear her (talking like a bitch still) sitting in Starbucks with the ironed shirt and collar up, looking like her hair was styled by the same stylist who tends to Samantha from Sex in the City.  Here I sit with my hay fever eyes (no make up, puffy and watering), a big bite -of some description- on my neck (not passion related) and curly hair literally scooped up in a ponytail.  Once upon a time I would have sat here literally wincing. Completely worrying about what I looked like.   

Not now. 

I hear her, "Well, look I'm not being funny but...." and that look down her nose and lots of cackling in with the conversation. 
Yet here I am with my son joining me for morning coffee, my dog happy at my feet and doing a 'job' i totally love, safe in the knowledge that I truly have found the person who I want to be and I'm comfortable with that.  There's nothing quite like going on a journey and ending up in a destination which is actually more than ok.  

Today, I pat myself on the back.  That day, she made me crumble and I was in a mess for the rest of the day.  Most likely wobbly for the entire week.  I'm not sure now. I forget.  But her and her 'parking attendant' critical self can carry on tutting for all she likes.  I'd far rather be the hippy, loving mum that I was then and am now. 

Sitting here not caring if she notices me and thinks, "Look at the state of that." Is a massive step forward for me.  What has changed?  I'm not totally sure I can put that into words  here on this page.  Saying that, it's almost like I now don't need people's validation. I know I have a place on this earth and good things to offer.  My gifts are here to help others, without judgement.  Learning from people like our Samantha wannabe exactly how 'not to' be with other people has brought me to an open place of non judgemental caring.  Thank goodness for those people who have brought me here before it's too late to make a difference.
Time now to help those who need me.  They are, strangely, coming in thick and fast right now. People reaching out to ask for help, needing to see me and talk about things, to be on Skype, to email me.  Even a little messenger message.  I want to make a difference for those who need it. In whatever tiny way I can.  Being able to draw upon my own stories is really a wonderful gift in a manifestation type of way. 
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