Saturday 29 August 2015

Celebration of a young 76 year old

Awoken to the view of the streaming sun through the curtains; I knew yesterday was going to be a great day!  The weather was fantastic.  Interchanging from dark clouds to clear blue skies.

My mums birthday.  76 years young.  Gosh she is one lucky lady.

- Never been admitted to hospital (except for childbirth)
- Never had surgery
- Walks everywhere
- Has boundless energy
- Has more friends than most people could dream of
- Holidays twice a year.

This is the lady who seems to have it all! Lucky Mum.

We decided to give her a nice family day out at the beach.  We had balloons and cupcakes,  sun and sea.  Directly after the sun began to set we headed out for dinner.
Chinking glasses with a loud 'cheers' we enjoyed our meals at our local 'pub grub' restaurant.

What a busy day! 

Loads of photos to share here with you. 

The gorgeous sandy beach

Jasmine and I enjoying the warm sand

Cupcakes from Lola's

My first ever cupcake in my life! It was amazing but very sickly! I'm not missing anything and won't eat another!

Blue sky with fluffy white clouds drifting past

Typical English seaside.  Beach huts galore!

My cute girl becoming a little girl again at the beach

Chose cupcakes, avocado or fruit? Hmm...

Gluten Free cakes available too!

Dinner at the Brewers Fayre. Lamb shank. 

Mr Smd ate a juicy rare T bone! 

Dad's awesome Beef and Guiness pie

We found a clay pipe at the beach!

Right in the middle of searching the rock pools for small fish, I spotted this clay pipe.  It's clearly very old and a bit broken.  Do you know anything about clay pipes?  What should we do with it?  Let me know via email if you know?

So what are you all doing this bank holiday weekend?

Sending much love

Louise xoxo

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