Monday 17 August 2015

Happy Monday

We have so much to catch up on folks!

Goodness,  just yesterday I realised how far behind I am with literally, like,  everything!

Taking Nathan and his friends to Thorpe Park (theme park) yesterday, I thought I would seize the perfect opportunity for a day with my beloved laptop.  Knowing I had tons of footage to edit for Youtube,  loads of photos to get up on my photography blog and plus getting you all up to date here was nagging at me ever-so-slightly.  Topping this all off, I'm a week behind with my podcasting!

So it began,  my day of editing.  I managed to edit (for 2 hours) then lose my first project! Argh...  thinking I might well need another cup of tea,  a trip to the bathroom and start over again..
Second edit was ok but the wi-fi didn't allow me to upload unless I was prepared to wait 4000 minutes! You get the idea.

Anyhow lots got done yesterday but not as much as I would have liked.  This week,  as I wake at my crazy early hours that I usually wake at, I'm not going to scroll through Facebook, wondering if anyone has something interesting to show me but rather I will be cracking on with topping up my blog!

Here it begins!


Our camping trip!

Wow, what a week,  the weather was what we call 'blistering' here in the Uk.  Seems I'm always super lucky with weather when I get away on holidays!  Yet, this is exactly what you need when you are spending a week under canvas.  My lovely friend Lisa admired the way we can be less than clean and tidy for a week.  While it does take some patience, I would rather have that gritty experience and make some awesome memories as we break from the norm!

Have a look at the photos and the descriptions here and if you want to know more about where we stayed,  take a look at the website here:

You can also see my last blog post from the same place.  We do have different shots this time as lots of work has been done on the site which is fab.  Although along with that came the wasps! See about those in this video.

Setting up camp - Harley in tow

Beautiful river views

I love being close to the water

New cafe/bistro area for the public

My girl, frisbee time

Gorgeous gardens

Kayaking was top of the list for things to do!

Every night a fire pit!

Cheeky bee on a thistle.  Love this photo

Fishing for the boys

Flip flops all week!

The downside.  The wasps.



So you see we can have amazing weather here in the Uk.  We were so lucky! What a lovely place to have a holiday (when you have good weather!).

See my video blog here (you will love it!)

And here's to a week of catching up.  See you tomorrow!

Much love

Louise xoxo

ps, if you know me,  you will know I do love a bit of grass fed beef cooked on an open fire.  This, coupled with sleeping when the sun goes down and waking when it comes up (plus the country air) made me feel so much better! Perfect for those circadian rhythms.

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