Friday 2 August 2013

How much? This blog has earned me............

Have a guess?

Do you blog???

Is it a blog from which you hope to make a profit? Although it might be for fun,  or to publish your journals or whatever your platform - do you hope to make a little money from it?

Me too!!


I have been on the internet since 1998.  I think that's around about the time that chat rooms first opened.  You would go into the room and say:

"Hi room."

Haha how far we have come.  Now, fast forward until today.  August 2nd 2013.  My blogger blog has been going some years but only in the past 2-3 months have I started blogging more regularly.  

Also,  I've uploaded lots more to Youtube and my writing platform is taking on a new direction.  I really felt that I would expand my audience for my books by blogging more effectively.

Never did I expect to read so many amazing stories from such inspiring women.

Never did I expect to open up so honestly in a way that didn't even frighten me.

Never did I expect to be adding affiliate links to my blogs and adwords to generate an income.

Lucky me,  I have so far over my entire time on the internet managed to earn $2.07.

Oh my goodness.  Now as I'm not in any sponsorship deals right now which leaves me unable to declare how much I earn.   Therefore I have told you.  When you search the web for:

"How much money I can make blogging"
"How to earn money blogging"

You find lots of links to partnership sites.  Maybe I'm missing a trick here.  The main thing is:

I'm doing something I love.

My readership is growing.

I am making some awesome friends.

Thank you folks,  for welcoming me into your community.  If you feel a need to share my blog to help me towards my dream of full time writer,  part time coach then that would be fantastic.

Right now I'm full time coach, part time writer which I still love but at times need my job to be based from my laptop.

Also if you click this sponsorship link you will see I'm inviting some lovely blogs in my sidebar for like,  really cheap.  My views are growing and growing and I'm excited for the future.

Thank you once again for helping me towards my dreams 

Much love x

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