Friday 30 August 2013

So many blogs to write, so many vlogs to edit

Morning all

News in the Usher household is plentiful right now!

There is so much going on.  I love life when it's like that!

Now it's mostly about this fella right now, my adorable Mo.

In 8 sleeps he will be getting on the plane to come here and join me for the start of a brand new life together.

You can imagine how exciting this time is.  I'm feeling a need to blog it all as it happens so you can get up to date and be with us on the journey as it happens!

As an author I'm keen to get on with more books,  Mo and I  have decided we have an amazing story and we should be sharing it with others to give them hope or to simply give them a nice story to read.

So I need a little schedule.  With my morning coffee I shall sit and blog more.  I could write until the cows come home! IT's part of what I do.... It's my passion.

I love this photo of us.  It was  a fun filled night of friends, vodka, music, laughter and dancing! We loved it.  Some of my close friends have told me they can feel the love in this photo!  How nice.

Meanwhile,  I've lots of photos I can share with you as I shop ebay and the local stores for wedding accessories etc....

Stay tuned!

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