Tuesday 30 July 2013

You'd think I'd be pretty 'sorted'!

Gee Whizz!!!

I'm a coach for goodness sake - you'd think I'd have everything totally sorted.

Life should be a breeze.

Little boxes everywhere for the assortment of 'stuff'

Lists and more lists showing me the path to what I need to do each day.

Sadly,  not,  I'm just human like everyone else.  Though it's quite nice that way.  I might have the answers how to help others but at times,  human ego and life takes over.  Which leaves room for surprises and ups and downs.

Abraham hicks talks about living life 'downstream'. Imagine that.  If you are constantly trying to swim up stream against the tide,  frankly it's blinking hard work isn't it!!

Turn around and 'go with the flow' and voila....easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Abraham Hicks also talks about how life can be 'blah' at times.  The reason isn't necessarily because you are missing the gratitude link,  but rather more because you slightly expect life to be super amazing.  

There is a story of a man who was held captive in a prisoner of war camp.  Yet,  every day when he was handed his cup of 'soup' with a dead fish head in it for flavour,  he remembered to say thank you as this is what was keeping him alive.

Keep it general,  they say.  When you have nothing to be thankful for,  be thankful for general stuff like

*You heart beating
*You pillow

When you reach the top of the mountain it can be one heck of a view but as humans,  it's the getting to the top which drives us.

This gentleman was happy with his lot but felt 'blah'.  Abraham hicks asked him to imagine having no bed that night,  no wife to go home to,  no transport etc etc etc..   You get the jist.

After working on this,  the man could see his amazing life through renewed eyes and life was amazing once again!

Watch the youtube video here


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