Tuesday 27 August 2013

Life Coaching - Attracting the good stuff

What exactly is life coaching?

I totally have huge passion for this part of my job.  I've loved helping so many people.   Often they have felt confused about a situation.
Sometimes not motivated.
Very often simply need to thrash out a few ideas.
Business people have needed to be held accountable.

"Louise really helped me when I needed help with a big job decision.  I'm in a high profile position with work and didn't feel I could air my worries to colleagues. Speaking it all through with Louise helped me make the right decision for my future and I'm really glad she was able to make it clear for me." Rosie

"I was always so worried to go certain places at certain times.  I knew I was being silly.  But Lou made me realise this is my fear and it's real to me and I suppose not silly after all." Barbara

If you find you lie awake at night worrying about things you don't need to worry about really or the answers keep arguing with themselves inside your head as you drive around each day, maybe Life Coaching if for you.

Showing you how to get motivated is a big step forward. 

Clearing the 'spaghetti head' as I call it is another.

Realising that everything doesn't have to be perfectly in place.  Including you.  You can still make progress.

Answering your lifes purpose.  Your passions.  Making them your dream come true.

There are so many ways in which coaching can help you.  Once you feel clear on your direction there will be no stopping you.  What is stopping you right now?  You may even be able to answer your own issues just by reading this post.

Posts like this have been known to ignite a spark into your decision to make a change.  Why not!
Will it make your life seem better?  Go for it!

http://lusherlife.co.uk/lusher-life-coaching/  See here for more help.

Or come on over and join my facebook group for free to share some space with other like minded people.


Sending much love in time for an awesome day.

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