Saturday 24 August 2013

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Hey guys

Hope you are all well on this rainy August day.  The biggest day in the Wedding Calendar and it's raining.  Poor Brides.

Me? I'm enjoying writing here today in front of the french doors which are wide open.  The cool wet air drifting in refreshingly.  Lovely.

Anyhow,  today is a day of reading the blogs I love and get such pleasure from.  All the while I am giving you a call to action please:

I'd love you to follow my blog here and also my Vlog on youtube:

I love to write about many things.  I'm a life coach as well as a Salon business coach.  Therefore I can give tips on

* Hair and Beauty stuff
* Business stuff
* Life stuff (big subject)
* Wedding stuff (sign up to see the next blog!)
* UK visa applications (Just completed)
* Weight loss
* Infertility

Now considering my usual fee,  this is a giveaway! Yay, we like those don't we!

If, like me, you want to make the best from your life and aren't sure can read my book on the Law of Attraction.  I KNOW this stuff works and I've just managed my biggest manifestation of all!

Again, follow here and I will tell all in my upcoming blogs.

Where else you can find me?


Please get in touch. I see loads of pageviews which is fantastic and I'd love to know what it is that you love the most.  Right now it seems to be the beauty stuff.  There are tons of gorgeous girlies doing this in braces.  My braces came off a few years ago so I wonder if I could offer something different.  Lifestyle advice is a favourite of mine.  But feel free to let me know

I'm off to write, write, write this bank holiday weekend as I really want to update you with my news!!

Much love

Louise x

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