Saturday 31 August 2013

Crohns Flare up - weight up, weight down

I'm a girl with a Crohns disease diagnosis.

As well as Coeliac (celiac) disease.

What's that all about anyway.  I've a long story about the diagnosis and symptoms of this I will pop at the end.

In this photo,  I was at my healthiest ever in my life.  Ever.
I felt great.  This was last year.  Life was pretty sorted really and I actually control my disease through diet.

However,  if you don't get the sleep you need you can get something called Adrenal Fatigue which can pop your remission on the back burner.

What is Crohns?
It's an inflammatory disease of the digestive tract.  So basically from where your food goes in to where your food goes out can have a problem.  Since I was tiny I've had this issue and I know that talking about it highlights the problem and using Law of Attraction it helps bring the problem back.  So I tend not to talk about it but it's kind of relevant to this blog and my current story.

Since I found out that I'm going to start a new life with my gorgeous fiance Mo,  I have only been able to sleep for a maximum of 5 hours sleep each night.  Often 3-4 hours.  Then 'bing' I'm awake.
Coupled with maybe less consistent eating habits than I should have.  And Excitement!

Oh Excitment how I love you!

Honestly,  I'm maybe a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  Without the 'looking forward to it' feeling of something in the future I find life is really quite Blah..
So having such a big thing as this is brilliant. 

Not having seen Mo for 5 months has been so hard.  Before that it was just a few weeks and we spent 6 months apart last year too.  Knowing we will be together each day is amazing for me.  I'm totally hyped up about it.

With the Crohns,  it can play with your body weight.  I have a couple extra pounds on right now so I'm ok.  I am unlikely to ever look too skinny as I always carry hips and bum but i have drifted down to 7.5 stone in the past.  
Food allergies do one of 2 things:
*Make you skinny
*Make you fat.

I've been both.

It makes life in the wardrobe department a little tricky! But right now I'm happy that these pounds are falling off.

My stomach growls like the M25 motorway every time I eat right now and it's a problem.  No morning coffee for me.  Mint tea all the way!

I'm very lucky that I found a diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and following this really works.  I would recommend this to you if you have IBS, IBD or any linked digestive issues.  I will post a detailed blog about this but show me some love right now.  
Having exciting energy can upset the system but it's all good.  I love feeling excited and I cant wait until Mo comes.  

7 more sleeps!

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