Saturday 3 August 2013

Kids growing up - My twins

Long ago,  in a time which seems like yesterday,  I cradled my miracle IVF twins on their Christening day.

Can you imagine how proud I was on this day.  I never thought the day would come.  9 years of trying,  injections,  tests, operations and the like finally brought me my gorgeous twins.

A girl and a boy.


Feeling blessed every step of the way,  I can say hand on heart I'm one lucky mother.  They are a really sweet pair of children.  Today though,  they are growing up.  So much so that the time I booked off to spend with them on these summer holidays I'm finding myself ever so slightly redundant.  Most mums would scream: "Yesssss.... more coffee shop time!"

Leaving me in a place of, "What now?" Can be a little overwhelming.  My twins very much still need me so I can't go far and it's certainly not time to tour the country with work as I did pre-twins.  So here I am thinking,  "I need more right now."  

Wondering what that is,  I took a phone call from one of my best friends in the world,  Lulu.  She's wise.  Her response after I told her all my thoughts and how I'm loving writing more but still going with my business she said,
"My answer when you have several balls in the air is keep them in the air until such a time as you begin to drop one,  cos that's the time it isn't working."
Great point.  So here I am,  being a bit of a mum,  a salon consultant, writer and blogger.  Does writer and blogger come in as one?

Sad but cute thing:  My twins are very aware of me being alone until I finally greet Mo at the airport.  They often check on me to see I'm ok.  They are cute.  Bless them.  We will always be close and I know that will never change.  Leaving them to spread their wings is one of the hardest part of parenting.

Maybe it's time for some more babies.....


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