Monday 25 November 2013

Meditation took me to a crazy place

So,  now I’ve been meditating for quite some time.  Have you ever tried it?  I’d be  really interested to find out what has worked for you and how it’s worked.  What images do you see when you meditate?

Are you a person who simply says: “I can’t meditate.”

Well,  I do believe that meditation can kind of be whatever you feel it will be.  For example,  I rooted out an amazing set of headphones (still aiming for new Bose ones though!) which are cordless.  I plugged in Hue and Cry and danced around the kitchen with the headphones on while cooking a chicken stir fry (with coconut oil and honey – yum!) and in a way,  this was a little like meditation.  Reason being,  I was totally in the moment. Living in the NOW is a great tool to stop looking back over past bad experiences and worrying about them and also stop worrying about the future and causing yourself unnecessary anxiety.  So,  with Hue and Cry I was definitely in the now.

However,  I still love to try a traditional mediation.  I’ve discovered my friends at Mindvalley sent me an awesome free trial meditation called Omharmonics.  It took me to a new place.  I’ll include a link for you so you can get one too!
A little tip from me, if you feel you are starting to get ‘mind chatter’ as they call it (that voice in your head that says,  ‘do we have enough chicken for the packed lunches tomorrow/ I must remember to put the rubbish out tomorrow/ don’t forget to order that bunch of flowers for Auntie June’) I can use the Omharmonics and focus on one instrument within the music and listen closer to the beat. 

As I was doing this I noticed that my picture in my closed eyes started to reveal a line of chalet type houses.  I was knocking on the doors of these houses and taking children from behind the doors.  They were poor children from under privileged families.  I’m not sure where I was taking them to but it was a happy place.  I think it was a playground.  As we got there,  the founder of Omharmonics was there for me with a bunch of cash and a piano.  He gave me the cash and I feel it was for the children.  As I arose from my meditation I felt this was so strong a feeling and very surreal.  I had been talking to a lady earlier this week about doing some work with the save the children charity.  It’s something very close to my heart and I feel I would love to help donate to some of the families who need a little more. 
Perhaps with the meditation it will help me get to the place within my business where I can do more and more which is a real dream come true.

What about you?  What would you like to achieve through meditation?     

Please leave me your comments :O) It makes me happy

A bit more about Save the Children:


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