Thursday 28 November 2013

Trip up the mountains

Hey all

So when life gets you down sometimes,  the law of attraction gurus all say………walk in nature.

So,  here I am going to share with you possibly one of my favourite places in the world - The Cairngorm Mountains,  Scotland.

I'm hoping to get there again next year - love it.

Our local Loch

Mushroom hunting! Was fun

The Cairngorm mountains

Trying to climb up the mountain was so cold!!

We took the Funicular railway instead!

The Loch at sunset

Up the mountain was MUCH snowfall!

We tried one of these things - scary but fun

My lovely Jasmine was like an angel in flight! So easy for her

Our gorgeous holiday home

Look how still the water is!

Pine trees! Is this what Canada looks like?

Lots of Hot Chocolate was drunk!

Getting ready for the starlight hot tub

Our friendly badger came for tea each night!


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