Tuesday 12 November 2013

Last weekend news and gossip!

Windy weather


So hows the quest for a Lusher Life going in your part of the world?

Things in my life are going tickety boo!  More and more clients are signing up for the Coaching with me which is great timing.  I'm on the UP!  Using the Law of Attraction, my old friend to help and guide me along the way.

Things  are tough at times and that's just as it should be,  without it,  life is flat.  So I am pretty good at getting through a bad situation. I'm pretty sure my coaching clients see that as a strength in me.

Last weekend really helped.  As you all know I'm a big fan of walking in nature and I took the family (they took me?) to the windy shores of the Kent Coast,  UK.

Man it was FREEEZINGGGG and blew away the cobwebs as my mum would say. 

Here,  I share our typical day at the seaside photos.

Beach huts all closed for the winter

Family (and Harley of course) brisk walk

Chilly Twins waiting for the Hot chocolate 

Margate Clock tower

Choppy waves!

Seagulls lined up sunbathing!

Likely to be my favourite beach in the world! Westbrook Bay...

Little furry ears blowing in the wind!


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