Thursday 21 November 2013

Holidays - were would you love to go?

Just daydream right now about where would you love to be and why?

I'm so lucky I've seen some lovely places in the world.  I'd still to visit lots more though.  Hawaii is top of the list!  It must have some magic there as many gurus live there.

So,  where would you love to visit and why?

I'll share a few photo's here with you and I'll go into specifics at a later date - if you are like me,  you will love seeing photos of other's adventures.

Lovely trip to Venice
Kiddies took this photo in Spain 

Give you one guess where this is? Yes, we visited Florida to see Micky Mouse 

Me enjoying some Egyptian sunshine

Ahh one of my favourite places in the world, Scotland.  I've some gorgeous photos from this holiday.

Local camping trip in Kent, Uk


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