Wednesday 20 November 2013

Thank you for reading my blog!

Hi everyone

I want to take a little time to write a simple 'thank you' blog.  I'm really honoured that my page views are growing in a major way and I can only guess it's where 
I've learned from reading all of your blogs
I've started tagging more effectively
I've been consistent with writing or
You guys love what I'm doing.

I really like this place,  somewhere we can write and be open and honest.  I love that the views are growing.  I would love to see more comments coming through on my blog.  There are exciting things happening in my life and even though new things carry ups and downs,  I am happy to share with you my journey.  

In a nutshell,  a new business is being launched within the next couple of weeks which will spark a  big interest.  All my new stuff I'm doing is going to be online including much blogging and videos.  

I will be sharing this with all of you the minute it goes live.  I'm also documenting it which is a great way to share on this blog in particular.

Can you do me a favour and let me know what it is you love about your blog if you have one,  or what you love about reading others too? If you want to keep it private you can email me here

As a footnote,  I'm building the new website using - if only it was as easy as Blogger! I know my way around here now like there's no tomorrow!

Hope you are all well - thanks again for being here

Louise x



  1. Writing about my experience has helped a great deal. It helps me and helps other people who are experiencing the same thing.

    1. Point us to your blog Kim - thanks for the message. I think we all love our blogs don't we?!


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