Monday 11 November 2013

My weekend in London! It was brilliant!!!

Did you guess from the title what this blog is about?

Yes,  my weekend.  I had such a great time,  I would love to share it all here with you guys.

We had a family birthday, a leaving party, Christmas lights switching on and a concert!

Big balls including the disco balls in Covent Garden.  So pretty
 So arriving in London in heavy rain,  we hopefully were all thinking we would be ok, wet or not.  We had promised the children the trip to London and when we knew the lights would be switched on in Regent Street with Heart FM radio station there we were thrilled.

They then announced the Spice Girls and Leona Lewis would be singing too.  Woo hoo.  Such exciting stuff.

Sadly,  although we heard them,  we could not get close enough to see them.  London was busy and the atmosphere was electric.

After realising we would have to stand for 2 hours to just listen from a distance we went for a celebratory dinner at Garfunkels to warm up.  Although,  we were right near the front door and the queue of people waiting for tables decided to keep the front door open so we popped our coats back on again!

My biggest complaint in these types of restaurant.  Although,  I do have to say the food was good.

Please check out Jasmine and I with our funky shining OPI nails!
Never seen the Christmas lights switch on before!! It's like London was declaring "Christmas is here!"

Call me a big kid but I can't wait! Can't wait!

After walking a long hike through the cold we had to stop for a cheeky hot chocolate before crossing the river Thames with the freezing wind blowing.  Although, I did chose coffee as I had a pretty dark drive home.

The gorgeous london eye looked brill with Big Ben all illuminated behind it!  But boy we were chilly after our rapid legs brought us over the bridge.

After a refreshing sleep,  Sunday slowly arrived as Sunday should.  Coffee and breakfast followed to stoke me up ready for a big cook fest in the kitchen.  We had a big family get together and I'm pleased to say all plates were cleared after my success with the sunday roast!

The evening was nicely topped off with a brilliant visit to the local Theatre to see the Stylistics! They were amazing! I've seen groups like this before and I guess as you get older the strength in the voice can decline slightly.

Not these guys.  I was so impressed.  Talent on legs for sure.  I took a sneaky 10 second video and I will be adding it to this weekend Vlog that I am yet to edit.  Please come over to my Youtube channel and subscribe and you will see it there soon!


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