Tuesday 26 November 2013

My digestive health issues

My digestive health issues

Something I haven't shared on this blog much before is the journey I have had into digestive health.  More and more and more people are asking me, "How did you get well?"

They want to know because their doctors are giving them prescription lists as long as their arms,  offering stoma bags and surgery or generally asking them to accept a less than normal life.

Do you suffer with any of these things?

There is a long, long list but these are just a few.  If you do,  or know someone who does,  read on.

My personal story starts years ago and is long enough to write in a book but I will give you the shortened version.  It may make your tummy flip.  

After a long spell of struggling with my weight (despite following many diets to the letter) I began to get very poorly.  To the point of being admitted to hospital for many tests.  
Drinking this fluid to empty out my entire digestive system was more than unpleasant to say the least.  Have you ever had that done?  Sit on the loo for about 5 hours.  Not nice. 

Well I was loosing blood constantly like a slow dripping tap and also (though I didn't realise what it was) my intenstinal wall was coming away and passing out through my body.  That actually looked kind of like chicken fat.  So things were looking bleak.

After photos were taken of the intestines from an inside camera called a Colonoscopy (plus biopsies to check for any malignant cancer cells - scary) there was a diagnosis.
I had Ulcerative Colitis.  My colon was covered in Ulcers.  The photos were not pretty.

In a crazy way,  I was pleased to have a diagnosis.  You know when something really bugs you and you think, "I know something isn't right with me." Even though nothing is found.  When something is found it's a huge sigh of relief.
Getting onto the medication the Dr gave me was scary.  I would be on these for life I had been told.  

When the test results from the biopsies came back I felt so nervous as who knows what they could be telling me.  As it turns out, there were no nasty cells in there which was  good news.  I think they would have taken part of the intestine away if there was.  That would have left me with a bag on my tummy and no more bikinis for me.
So,  I made a decision to say "sod it!" to my stretch marks that my pregnancy proudly gave me and start wearing bikinis again in the hope that I could show off my intact stomach.  Stretch marks and all.  
The biopsies also showed that it wasn't Colitis but in fact Crohn's disease instead.  The treatment was similar but it did mean I needed another camera down my throat.  Crohns isn't always limited to affecting the intestines,  it can be anywhere from the mouth downwards.

That camera showed I had flattened villi.  These are the little finger type 'bits' that help absorb nutrients from the food.  As mine were damaged and broken off this meant that although I was overweight,  I was also under nourished. I couldn't break down the food in the normal way either  so the undigested food would sit in the gut area and basically just feed the bad bacteria (including Candida but that's for another post) and eventually these bacteria would turn into pathogens.  Which could lead to nasty cells. 

Onto the internet I went.   Reading and studying.  Reading and studying.

Reading and studying.  

One of my best friends had done the same unbeknown to me and despite her being one of the strongest women I know,  she broke down in tears and hugged me tightly when she saw me.

"What's wrong?" I asked,  really concerned.
"It's just all so so horrible." She answered. 

By educating herself she had learned that this was a disease which could take over your life and it's important to give it the respect it deserves.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My research took me to a place of hope.

I had always believed that I was a person who couldn't eat the same as everybody else.  I remember at work one day I was watching the manageress lady eat one thing after the other all day long.  She was stick thin,  she had a lovely figure.
"I couldn't eat all that food I'd be like an elephant." I said with envy.
"If you ate the right foods you could."  She replied ignorantly.  What she had actually said was right.  But she hadn't known that.

My research showed me that in fact you could massively control your health with the right diet.  I get right on my soap box here.

WHY?  Why doesn't everyone know this?

Everyone should know this,  hence my new website has been born http://www.motiv-weight.co.uk to pass on the messages.

I have been on a big journey the past 6 years and my knowledge has grown massively.  When I now see somebody suffering like I did I have the links to send them to.  The books to suggest they read,  the DIETS I suggest they adapt to.

Yes,  that's right,  you want to know how I got well and also lost 3 stone in weight?  It was all through correcting my health through diet.  I really want to help others by passing this information on,  in one place without having to search the internet as much as I did.

I also believe that if you are struggling with extra weight it will have a negative impact on your health regardless.  However,  it's not always so straight forward to shift it.  Different things work for different people. 

Different things work for different people.

My website will encourage whatever diet works for you.  If you want to lose weight or if you want to get well again.  
I'm here to assure you this is definitely possible and honestly,  it's the best thing I have ever done in my life.

My lovely Doctor and me used to argue.  To the point of tears.  He said,  "This illness needs medication,  you can't change it by what you eat."
"But it's a digestive issue,  surely it will be affected by food."
"No,  i've never seen that."  He protested. 

After I used my new knowledge,  I followed everything to the letter and dropped 3 stone in weight in 4 months and also my health went through the roof.  I stopped bleeding within 3 DAYS.  I couldn't believe my energy levels after just a few short weeks.  I had never realised that people were supposed to feel like this.  I had been born again in my 30s.  

Just a year later,  my doctor respectfully shook my hand and said
"I've never seen anyone turn this disease around to this level without using drugs or surgery."

That speaks volumes.  

Help me on my quest to help others and please pass this on.  Follow my blogs and websites and facebook page.  I will share exactly how I have done it and point you to small investment books so you can save your own life too.


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