Friday 1 November 2013

If you're on my list, I'll send you my book for free!

Yes that's right!! yippee do dah.

I wrote a book maybe a year ago now and people love it.  Well it's a little like the Secret but I made it easier and it's very much written with beginners in mind.  Now this book doesn't cost much anyway on my Amazon pages (£2.68) but I thought you lovely people could have it for free if you will do me the great honour of helping me grow online.

Please give me a shout out to your friends and come over like all my pages and stuff.... and sub to my email list (I don't post on there loads!) and I will return by sending you the book via the email list for FREE.

I will ask if you could please give me a review on Amazon.

You are all very lovely.

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My amazon page of the book


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