Friday 29 November 2013

I'M thinking nails...

Morning folks!

I've been busy watching youtube last night and there seems to be a great deal of interest regarding the nail videos.

Now,  part of my 'day job' is hair and beauty and whenever I've posted videos about them, they are really popular.

In truth,  my subject seems to be 'lifestyle' as I deal with hair, beauty, weight loss, law of attraction (positivity) and other life changing stuff around that.  Often when you watch the Gurus teachings they sway you to go into one particular direction.  However,  whatever will be will be.  But for sure,  I will be posting more nail art tutorials. 

I'm keen to make a video of what's in my nail kit bag! There's tons of stuff in there!

Anyway, just a quickie to wish you all a lovely day. I love writing on this blog! Also,  my small sponsor package is not available for just $5.........what???!!! Yes, come on let's get the names out there. I'm only looking to cover some costs really rather than make profit as I do that in my other business.  


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