Monday 13 January 2014

Monday, Monday.....

Hey there!

So how was your weekend?

I've a confession......I took the entire weekend off. 

Yes, properly off.  Didn't work,  did the odd social media bit (as you do!) but I was off with the family. It's been a time of closeness and love recently with my lovely family and I have felt that this year is clearing out loads of rubbish from last year and so.....we decided to take Harley to the Pet shop amongst other things,  to chose himself a bone!

Not sure about your neck of the woods but it's so muddy around these parts that he needs his little paw washed each time we go out these days! We thought the pet shop would be a much better idea.

He loved it! Have a look at the photos!

ps,  I would love you to come find me on my other platforms -

"Hey, we are all the same colour" Harley said

Loved the guinea pigs

"Whats that?!"

Harleys favourite! See the video above!

Have a great week everyone!

Louise xoxoxo


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