Friday 17 January 2014

What do people expect from blogs these days?

Hey everyone

As the title suggests, there is lots of conflicting advice out there these days regarding blogging.

Folks are telling us that the traditional type of blog which is almost like an online diary of our lives is going a little out of fashion.  I'm not sure I agree.  I read lots of blogs which are of great interest to me.  Although,  occasionally, it can just take one comment that is off your scale for you to switch off.


A lovely lady who's blogs I was enjoying got a little high on her horse.  She devoted an entire blog to complaining about how it was such a chore to keep writing as she had sponsored blog posts to write and an audience waiting in anticipation.  Goodness me!

Doesn't she realise that many of her readers would give their right arm to be paid to blog?

It made  me think in typical human fashion "What a moaner...."  and I haven't been back to read since.  These types of blogs are very much tailored to a reading fan base.

However, more recently it seems that blogs with a typical subject will hold readers for far longer.

I write for another blog which, as the title suggests is coaching for salon people.  Without much promotion, this blog is getting  picked up lots by the google robots as people are typing in certain search terms.  Obviously,  if they decide they would like to learn more, they will subscribe.  Lovely.

So what's your take on it?  Why do you blog? 

For yourself?  For your audience?  Do you have an audience?  Many blogs can get thousands of visits a day! 

Another subject for another time is:  Which sites do you find are best to host on?  Self hosted or free ones like these?

Until then,

Louise xoxoxo


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