Tuesday 28 January 2014

Vitamin D deficiency

What is Vitamin D deficiency?

I have quickly learned what it is because I have it!

Apparently,  it is very common these days,  especially for us living in the northern hemisphere.  This winter time there are many of us walking around with less than ideal levels of Vitamin D in our systems.

How do I get tested?

Go for a blood test to find out.  It seems,  like most of the medical profession it depends where you are in the world as to what your levels should be.  You can try looking on the net but that just gets confusing!

My levels are low - what should I do?

Speaking to your doctor is a good place to start.  He will likely give you a supplement to take.  It's important not to take too much vitamin D as it is hard for the body to get rid of excess and it can end up causing a little problem.

I think I might be low in vitamin d

There are many symptoms.  For me,  I have found I was feeling a little blue.  I never suffered with the winter S.A.D before.  Although lots of different deficiencies can cause you to feel below par.  I would suggest taking good care of yourself.  Increase the natural food you eat that contains vitamin d and calcium as these are both needed to be absorbed into the body.

When it's sunny in the summer,  that will help! get out there for 10 minutes a day with no sunscreen.  Don't burn of course!

My tips for taking care of yourself:

I need to watch my health as I have Crohns and Coeliac.  This means my insides don't quite work the same as everyone else.  After lots of research I have found these were the best tips.

*  Get to bed before midnight each night and sleep at least 7 hours.
*  Eat a variety of fresh foods.  Ones with no labels on are the best.  Such as fresh meat and veg.
*  Careful on caffine intake.  This can cause dehydration and upset tummy. If you suffer palpitations,  lowering caffiene might help.
*  Don't over eat.  But eat regularly.  Without eating all day long,  your body gets stressed,  wondering when the next meal might be and using cortisol to sustain those stress levels which helps give you a big tummy.  Eat regularly.
*  Keep sugars only to treat time,  don't eat lots! Whenever I have lost weight,  it has been because I have lowered my sugar intake.
*  Try to stop watching depressing tv, scary stuff or the news.  Put happy and nice things into your brain instead.  Laugh every day.
*  Walk more.  Talking about vitamin d and bones,  keeping moving helps lower the chances of osteoperosis.

Ok so please remember I'm not a doctor and you must always consult a professional if you have any issues.  I just am a person who goes through it a bit and have decided to help myself as much as possible with research! On the back of this,  I pass it on to you,  with love

Louise xoxox

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