Wednesday 1 January 2014

So, you want to start a diet?

Happy New Year to you!

So have you fallen into the trap of wanting to start a diet?  Can you see a new year/new you?
Which faddy diet will you try for 12 days and then give up?

Hmmm........... most of us, let's be honest, would love a magic little pill we could take then wake up tomorrow with the most perfect body.

Would you?

I would too.

Is that going to happen?  No need to answer that.  Be honest here,  I know the trouble you have because I can relate to it too.  You are often found saying
'just one then, go on...'
'well I can be good again tomorrow'...
and very very very slowly a few pounds go on here and there and you then look at a photograph or try to put on that outfit or even worse look in the mirror with total shock and horror:

"How the heck did I get like this?!!!"

You are not alone and it's vitally important you know this.

Ok, so way forward is this,  come over to watch my video here and find out how you can easily get onboard with a weight loss group online.  You no doubt worry about walking into a weight loss group for the first time with nerves and embarrasment to be greeted with a long queue of others feeling insignificant too.  Now I know this is a big deal for you to take the first step.  I also know you are capable of weighing in yourself at home.  What you should avoid doing is trying to go it alone.

Not only do you need help with motivation but tips and tricks on ho to lose weight,  what diet plan to chose, how to change life bit by bit to make yourself healthier as an ongoing plan, you know what else you need?
Support and encouragement.

So,  with my weight loss VIP group I know that once you've signed up, you are serious about getting that figure you have dreamed of.   This shows me that my team need to be on tap to help you every step of the way.

You get access to links for books that may help you.
Links to apps where you can keep records of everything.
A downloadable sheet which gets into your mindset at every meal.
Systems to put into place to ensure that if the diet isn't working for you,  you can easily find out why and put it right.

Are you ready?  Is this going to be your year for change?  Are you sick and tired of not looking and feeling like you want to?

With visualisation and affirmations,  this plan is not like any other.  You know what you should be eating.  I know you do! 

What has stopped you from losing weight in the past?  It's all about you actually making small shifts and changes in your choices.  Making these need not be painful.  Although at Motivweight we do recognise that you need to keep your focus.  Just like an olympian.  The minute you feel unfocused and stop trying,  your efforts will be wasted.

Don't make 2014 another year where you avoid people taking photos of you.  Let's make this the year you punch the air and say "YES! I got to my goal."

Want to know what your goal should be?  I'm not going to shy away from telling you this.  Even if it seems like a mountain to climb.  You can't get there without the end result in mind.  You can do this.

Don't wait until the leftovers are gone.  Make this change today and start your journey.  I'm here to hold your hand.

Click here to join and find out more too.

Louise xoxoxox

PS if you have food intolerances or allergies this is my area of expertise so please feel free to ask any questions. I'd love you to help me spread the word so please share this post.


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