Thursday 9 January 2014

Technical glitches and frustration..

Oh would you believe it?!

I made the most edited YouTube video yet. All sparkes and magic all over it and talking openly and honestly about my plans... Darn thing just keeps crashing. 

For some reason iMovie isn't keen on it. Maybe I'll manifest a new desktop mac...

Trying hard to keep the online presence up while still writing and doing the day job can have its challenges. Yet with my upcoming hospital appointment this afternoon I decided to chill. 

Not sit on the sofa with feet up, you understand. Just made a pot of mint tea, lit my Yankee candle (clean cotton) and I'm going to focus on writing. 

Hope you all enjoy your day :0)

Louise xoxo

Ps if you're following my bloglovin' it's not updating and I don't know why. The lovely people at bloglovin will no doubt fix it I hope...

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