Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Atkins Diet

Hey lovelies

Have you ever tried the Atkins diet?

How did you feel?

Were you successful?

I'm a fan of the Atkins plan.  I tweak it slightly to deal with my Crohns but the last time I was on Atkins i felt better than I head felt in a long time and lost 35lbs too! That's a lot.  Took me about 3 months I think I remember.

Anyhow,  I stumbled upon a Youtube video that I thought I would share here with you all as I found it really interesting.  It's a total documentary from the BBC.  Very well done the BBC.

If you goto my video you will find the link underneath in the description.  Hope it helps someone.  Gives you all the answers about the controversy!  Made me see even clearer than before. 



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